Hakuba MAHOROBA’s new coronavirus policy

  1. In addition to our standard cleaning, we also disinfect the premises using alcohol or sodium hypochlorite, focusing especially on door knobs, switches, tables, taps, and other frequently touched areas and items.
  2. We thoroughly ventilate guest rooms when cleaning.
  3. Our check-in service is self check-in only, which reduces contact time between guests and staff to a bare minimum. Guests will be informed of the check-in process prior to the commencement of the stay.
  4. Cancellation fees will be waived if restrictions are placed on domestic travel, or if travel from overseas is made impossible by the closure of Japan’s borders, owing to COVID-19. Cancellations for reasons other than COVID-19 will incur the ordinary cancellation fees. We try to be as accommodating as possible regarding requests for changes in schedule, so please contact us if your dates are likely to change.
  5. Our staff wash hands and use mouthwash prior to check-in and after check-out in order to help prevent infection. We also carry out ad-hoc disinfection of the facility.
  6. All staff commute to work by car, and are never required in their work duties to travel to areas where large numbers of people congregate.


Request to our guests

  1. We ask all our guests to ensure that you: have not been diagnosed as infected; have not been in contact with an infected person in the two weeks prior to the start of your stay; have not spent a prolonged time in Three C settings (closed spaces, close contact, crowded spaces); and have not exhibited cold symptoms for the few days prior to your stay. We also ask that any guests with a fever or other symptoms refrain from staying with us.

2. Our preventative measures mean that cleaning currently takes longer than in ordinary circumstances. We cannot allow guests into the accommodation before 15:00, in order to ensure we have sufficient time to clean the rooms thoroughly. We ask that all guests check in after 15:00, so we can give you the best possible welcome.


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