Hakuba MAHOROBA Terms of Usage

We have established the following terms of usage in order to ensure your stay with us is safe and enjoyable.

Please be aware that you may not be able to stay with us if you are unable to comply with these terms.


Article 1 Check-in and check-out

Check-in is from 15:00

Check-out must be completed by 10:00

You can request early check-in and late check-out in advance for an additional charge, but we may not be able to comply depending on room availability.

We only provide self-check-in. We will inform you of the self-check-in process ahead of your stay.

If you are unsure about the check-in process, please contact us through one of the methods provided below, or speak to one of our staff on-site.

Telephone: 080-2144-4266 (09:00 – 18:00)

When you check out, one of our staff will come to your room to confirm check-out is complete.

You may leave your luggage with us prior to check-in or after check-out. Please let one of our staff know if you need to do so.


Article 2 Cancellations

Cancellation fees are outlined below.

(The cancellation fees below are applied to the total accommodation fee (inclusive of consumption tax). Consumption tax is not charged on cancellation fees).

i. Between 14 days and seven days prior to your arrival: 30%
ii. Between six days and two days prior to your arrival: 50%
iii. The day before, or the day of your arrival: 100%

Further, if you have not arrived at the facility by 20:00 of the first day of your booking (or, if you previously informed us of the expected time of arrival but have not arrived at the facility within two hours of the expected time), and you have not contacted us and we have been unable to contact you, it will be assumed that you have terminated your accommodation agreement.

No cancellation fees will be charged if you are prevented from travelling to the hotel owing to inclement weather. However, if you are unable to stay with us owing to personal circumstances, you will be charged the ordinary cancellation fee.

Article 3 Bed types

There are three bedrooms in each apartment.

All bedrooms are twin rooms (each with two single beds measuring 97cm x 195cm).

We can reposition the two single beds so they are lined up next to each other in a Hollywood twin bed layout. If you wish for us to do so, please let us know at least seven days ahead of your stay with us.

Article 4 Housekeeping

For stays of over seven nights, we will change your bedding every fourth day.

We provide enough spare towels in each building for you to use a fresh towel every second day. Please replace your towels as required.

We will collect any kitchen waste that is placed within the bins provided outside the front entrance of each apartment.

If you have any other questions, please contact a member of staff.


Article 5 Reservation method

We accept reservations online or via telephone, and provide confirmation via email.

Accommodation fees and terms of usage may be changed or rescinded without notice prior to the issue of the reservation confirmation.

Accommodation fees may change if there are any changes in the number or age of guests in the reservation confirmation.

In accordance with the Hotel Business Act, all guests are required to provide the hotel with the address and telephone number of a representative guest before the stay commences.

All accommodation fees are charged in Japanese yen, and are inclusive of 10% consumption tax and other relevant taxes. We ask that accommodation fees be paid in full by online settlement at least 7 days prior to your arrival.

Article 6 Loss and damage of equipment

We will charge guests for any loss, theft, breakage, or other damage to the facility or equipment and furniture resulting from negligence on the part of the guest.

The cost of such damages will be charged to the credit card used to make the booking.

Article 7 Safekeeping of valuables

When staying with us, we ask that you keep cash, passports, and other valuables in the safes provided in each apartment.

We accept no responsibility for any loss or theft that may occur during your stay.

Safes are for use only while staying with us, and we may charge a safekeeping fee or key replacement fee if any items are still in the safes after check-out.

Article 8 Prohibited activity

– Smoking is not permitted in any of the facility buildings.

If you, or anyone staying with you, is found smoking, and the person concerned continues to do so even after being asked to refrain, we may ask you and the guests staying with you to vacate your accommodation. No refund will be offered in such circumstances.

If you, or anyone staying with you, is found smoking, we will charge an additional cleaning fee of at least 20,000 yen. We will also demand compensation for any costs arising work to eliminate odor in preparation for the next guest, as well as any costs related to the preparation of other rooms caused by bad odor. The costs will be charged to the credit card used to make the booking.

– Pets (including dogs, cats, and birds) are not permitted in the facilities under any circumstances.

– Guests are prohibited from bringing onto the premises any substances with a bad or strong odor, flammable substances, swords, narcotics, and dangerous items the possession of which is prohibited by law.

– For safety reasons, we cannot accommodate guests in excess of maximum capacity.

– We will refuse accommodation to any persons engaged in behavior that clearly inconveniences other guests (including loud noises, irrespective of the time of day or night).

– We will refuse accommodation to any guests that we believe may act in a way that contravenes laws and regulations or is otherwise contrary to public order and morality.

– Any bookings made without accepting these terms of usage will be invalid.

– Guests who are clearly carrying an infectious disease will not be permitted to stay at the facility.

Article 9 Items preventing the use of the facilities by anti-social forces

We will refuse accommodation to any persons or groups that fall under the following categories. Such persons or groups will be denied usage of the facilities, even if it only becomes clear that the following categories apply after the booking has been completed, or after the stay has commenced.

– Any organized crime group, member of an organized crime group, or quasi-member of an organized crime group, any person or company affiliated with an organized crime group, or any other equivalent person or group.

– Any corporation or group that provides support to the business activities of an organized crime group or of a member of an organized crime group.

– Any person engaged in violent, threatening or intimidating behavior, or who makes inappropriate demands with the threat of violence, or any equivalent behavior.


Article 10 Internet usage

Internet is provided for our guests. However, we accept no responsibility for any damages arising from the infection of the guest’s device with a virus, or from the loss of data, or any other damages.

Wi-Fi is provided as part of our overall service, but we do not guarantee that it will be accessible throughout the entirety of the premises.

We do not provide any support services whatsoever for the setup of the guest’s PC or communication devices.


Article 11 Car park

We provide space on the premises for guests to park their vehicles, but do not accept any responsibility for the management of the vehicles. However, we accept responsibility for any damages arising from the performance of management duties related to the car park, whether intentional or otherwise, and will compensate guests for any such damages.

Article 12 Other matters requiring attention

The facilities are operated entirely within Japan, and all services are provided in accordance with the laws of Japan. Some services are provided via agencies.

In accordance with the laws of Japan, we accept no responsibility for any unavoidable loss, damages, delays, flight delays, indirect damages, injury, or death, that do not arise from causes attributable to the facility.

We recommend that all our guests take out appropriate travel insurance against any unforeseen incidents that may occur following the confirmation of the booking. The guest is deemed to have agreed to bear the risk of any such occurrences.


Article 13 The responsibilities of the facility

The facility will compensate guests for any damages incurred by the guests owing to the performance or non-performance of the duties set out in the accommodation agreement or related agreements. However, this does not apply for any damages arising from causes that are not attributable to the facility.

The facility has fire insurance and premises liability insurance in place to cover fire or other unforeseen situations inside and outside the facility.

The facility may revise or change these terms of usage without notice in the event of changes in the social and economic situation and other circumstances.



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