Tamakoshi Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “Tamakoshi”) has established the following policies to protect personal information, and will take the utmost care in handling personal information provided by the customer in compliance with related laws and regulations. Further, Tamakoshi will ensure that all employees who handle personal information are aware of the importance of protecting such information and thoroughly implement the protective measures put in place.

Personal information

Tamakoshi defines personal information as the customer’s name, date of birth and other particulars, as well as any data that can be used to identify a particular individual such as an individually assigned number, symbol, image, or sound (this includes data that cannot be used alone to identify a person, but can be used to identify a person easily by reference to other data).

The collection of personal information

The main personal information collected by Tamakoshi is the customer’s name, email address, postal code, address, date of birth, bank account number, credit card number, and driver’s license number, which are provided by the customer when making a reservation or enquiry.
The information is used to confirm or verify the identity of the customer when using Tamakoshi’s services, or to improve the quality of services provided the customer (including measures to raise customer satisfaction, the provision of up-to-date information, and the delivery of emails) as part of its marketing activities (which include ongoing efforts to raise customer satisfaction, the planning of new events, and the preparation of analytical data).

The disclosure of personal information

Tamakoshi will not disclose the customer’s personal information to a third party without the consent of the customer, other than to those third parties to which it has entrusted the conduct of business. However, Tamakoshi may disclose the customer’s personal information without the customer’s consent if required to do so by laws and regulations, or requested to do so by a legal court, the police, or another public body.

The use of personal information

Tamakoshi mainly uses the personal information collected from the customer for the following purposes:
– To provide the customer with information related to the facility, and to provide services to the customer.
– To arrange accommodation in the facility, or to arrange external services in response to customer enquiries and requests.
– To inform customers of, provide customers with, and otherwise manage the services, products, and campaigns offered by the facility.
– To conduct questionnaires related to the facility’s services and products.

Discontinuing the use of personal information

Any personal information provided by the customer on-site or online may be used to provide information from Tamakoshi or companies to which Tamakoshi has entrusted the conduct of business, either via email or other means.
However, if the customer does not wish to receive such information, the customer can stop the transmission of such information at any time via the email subscription page. The customer may also contact Tamakoshi directly to request the termination of such information.
Depending on the nature of the customer enquiry, the company to which Tamakoshi has entrusted the conduct of business may respond directly to the enquiry if Tamakoshi deems it appropriate.

Management and protection of personal information

Tamakoshi employs strict data protection and management to ensure the personal information provided by the customer is not released to an outside party. Tamakoshi may entrust the management of personal information to an external company to facilitate the provision of an efficient and full array of services. In such a case, Tamakoshi employs strict data protection and management and will take appropriate measures, such as concluding non-disclosure agreement with the external company, to ensure personal information is not leaked or otherwise released to a third party.

Tamakoshi also employs strict computer security to prevent inappropriate access from external sources.

Changes to privacy policy

Any changes to the privacy policy will be promptly listed on Tamakoshi’s web site.